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In much the same way that a listener is transported by their favourite piece of music by the mere act of listening, I would encourage a response to my work that is more sensory or emotional than intellectual in nature.

The subject matter of my work is generally centered on natural forms and the landscape. I find myself drawn to natural forms by not only their inherent beauty and abstract qualities, but also their sense of ambiguity. This ambiguity appeals to the human love of mystery; to curiosity and a drive for exploration and discovery.


In my early years as an artist, I channelled all my creative energy into my chosen media for artistic expression – painting and printmaking. Coinciding with a scene change from Melbourne to Bendigo in 2004, I discovered digital photography, and with it the artistic possibilities that it offered.

Having explored layers of texture, shapes and marks through printing and painting, I found that the transition to working with digital photography was a natural one. I started photo-digital work in my spare time, but once I realised its creative possibilities, digital photography became my preferred medium for artistic output.


The first step in my creative workflow is to select an image which is either freshly made, or from my library and applying any necessary adjustments or corrections. The image centres on a theme or subject which interests me.  The next steps would be to make selections and masks, perhaps adding pictorial elements of alternative backgrounds.

I seldom have a solid idea on what a finished piece will look like when I begin, as I prefer to work intuitively. Each piece evolves as I experiment with various Photoshop layers in order to manipulate pictorial elements and achieve a pleasing result. Any one piece can have anywhere up to 400 layers created through a series of what I call ‘working files’ to arrive at the finished piece.

While Photoshop is the main program I use, occasionally I will apply or import an element created in another program. This element could be in the form of a layer. Or, I may ‘flatten’ a working file, import it into another program and add another creative layer. Once completed, the result is reopened in Photoshop and a new ‘working file’ is created and saved to continue the creative process.





Summarised CV

Curriculum Vitae

Solo Exhibitions

2013 The Space Between, Viewpoint Gallery, Bendigo, Victoria

2013 Apparition, Pocket Gallery, Newstead, Victoria

2012 The Space Between, Obscura Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria

2011 Thirteen Leaves, The Capital, Bendigo, Victoria

2010 Tree, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria

2010 Collection, The Capital, Bendigo, Victoria

2009 Small Things, The Capital, Bendigo, Victoria

Selected Group Exhibitions

2013 The Story of the Creative, See|Exhibition Space , Long Island City, New York, U.S.A.

2013 Texture, Viewpoint Gallery, Bendigo, Victoria

2013 Place, Dudley House, Bendigo, Victoria

2012 Span, Stockroom, Kyneton, Victoria

2011 Common Ground, Dudley House, Bendigo, Victoria

2010 2010 Kodak Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Victoria

2010 Bush Odyssey, The Convent , Daylesford, Victoria

2009 2009 Kodak Salon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, Victoria

2008 Snap to Grid, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

2008 Digital Fringe (Melbourne Fringe Festival),
online and projection screens, Melbourne, Victoria

2008 More Visions, Dudley House, Bendigo, Victoria

2007 Digital Fringe (Melbourne Fringe Festival),
onlineand projection screens, Melbourne,Victoria

2007 Light, Dudley House, Bendigo, Victoria


2012 Finalist, Flanagan Art Prize, St Patricks College,
Ballarat, Victoria

2010 Finalist, Flanagan Art Prize, St Patricks College,
Ballarat, Victoria

2009 Finalist, Flanagan Art Prize, St Patricks College,
Ballarat, Victoria

2005 Finalist, Works on Paper Prize, Bendigo Art Gallery,
Bendigo, Victoria


Private collections: Australia, England, U.S.A., Singapore


Various images and a short video piece used as part of projected backdrop for a performance by Low Rez choir Melbourne, October 2013

Evening Journey used as cover art for the novel The First Week
written by Margaret Merrilees, published by Wakefield Press,
September, 2013

Selected Publications/Media

“Peer Pressure: The Otways”, Advanced Photoshop,
issue 32, June 2007, p.74, Imagine Publishing, London, England


Diploma of Arts (Fine Art), 1980,
Painting and Printmaking,
Bendigo College of Advanced Education
(now La Trobe University)

Graduate Diploma of Education, 1982,
Art and Craft,
Bendigo College of Advanced Education
(now La Trobe University)

To download a PDF file of my full CV,
please click the link below. (File size – 307KB)


Recent News

Exhibitions, Recent Work and other News

Recent Work: Autoluminescence

Autoluminescence: “luminescence of a substance (such as a radioactive material) due to energy originating within itself ” ( I first became aware of the term autoluminescence after watching the documentary film on the life of musician Roland S. Howard called Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard and hearing his song Autoluminescent. (Click on image for a zoomed view)



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